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Who We Are

Our goal wasn't to build just another video-sharing site - we wanted to create an extraordinary one. By approaching video-sharing from a completely different perspective, we were able to create a network that effectively solves discovery of videos so that no matter how many trillions of video clips are being shared, you'll always be able to browse videos that interest you. Sound awesome? It is.






EXPLORE videos about the things you love.


DISCOVER unique and relevant content.


CONNECT with others who share your interests.


REPEAT DAILY for maximum enjoyment.

Our Concept

In life we naturally gravitate to and have the most fun with others who share our interests. By creating websites where 'birds of a feather can flock together', our goal is for you to spend more time actually doing and sharing what you love and less time scrolling through endless feeds of random, irrelevant information. You're welcome.



Whether you have one interest or many, our network covers an amazing array of hobbies, pastimes, and passions. We don't need complex algorithms to figure our what videos you'll love - we simply start with sites dedicated to them.


Every day, our team members bring their talent, commitment and diverse perspectives to work—making our communities and company much better.